Healthy Kids Community Challenge

In June 2015 the County of Huron was chosen as one of 45 communities in Ontario to participate in the Healthy Kids Community Challenge.

The Healthy Kids Community Challenge  is a community-led program to promote healthy behaviours.  This initiative focuses on healthy lifestyles for children, with a key focus on healthy eating and physical activity.

Strategies will focus on the broader community because we know that healthy kids live in healthy families, healthy schools and healthy communities.

The Healthy Kids Community Challenge is funded and supported by the Province of Ontario.

How to get involved

All kinds of groups will be joining forces in your community – public health, recreation centres, schools and businesses, to name just a few. Their goal: help make your community a place where it’s easy for kids to be active. You can be a part of making it happen.

Communities will be coming up with all kinds of ideas. It might mean new programs that get kids moving, or it might mean other changes. For instance, you might get involved in a ‘walking school bus’ project, where parents volunteer to walk with kids to school instead of using cars or a school bus. You might help decide what your community wants to be more active, or you might be part of a group to make a playground safer. It all depends on what your community needs.

To learn more about what’s happening in your community and how you can help, check back here for our frequent updates! You can also contact the Health Unit and ask for the Healthy Kids Community Challenge project manager.

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