Food and Healthy Eating

  • immunizations-for-all-ages

    Ages and Stages

    Eating well is important at all stages of life.

  • dietitians-and-nutritionists

    Dietitians and Nutritionists

    Are you interested in eating healthier? Registered dietitians provide information for your food, diet, and nutrition information.

  • healthy-weights

    Healthy Weights

    Information about assessing your weight, body image, and self-esteem.

  • huron-county-food-programs

    Huron County Food Programs

    The Huron County Health Unit and our community partners offer a variety of programs to help people.

  • nutrients-and-additives

    Nutrients and Additives

    Most packaged foods sold in Canada are required by law to provide nutrition information on the label. Learn more.

  • sports-nutrition

    Sports Nutrition

    Healthy food and staying hydrated are the best fuels for athletic performance.

  • vegetarian-eating

    Vegetarian Eating

    A well-planned vegetarian diet can be quite healthy.

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