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Please answer Yes or No to the following questions. The Health Unit uses this information to assess if the market you attend is exempt from Ontario Food Premises Regulation 562/90. Farmer' markets are exempt from the regulation if most market vendors (51%) are selling their own farm products.

Keep in mind that if you plan to sell your products at various farmers' markets, you may be attending exempt and non-exempt markets.

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*Farm Products are products that are grown, raised, or produced on a farm and intended for use as food and include, without being restricted to, fruits and vegetables, mushrooms, meat and meat products, dairy products, honey products, maple products, fish, grains and seeds, and grain and seed products.

Include all farmer's markets you plan to attend for 2016 within Huron County. You don't need to submit a new application for each market. If you miss including a market on this form, contact Huron County Health Unit's Environmental Health Team at 519-482-3416 or 1-877-837-6143. We will adjust your file.

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