What is CALMM?

CALMM is an approach to parenting based on understanding what children need. Parenting can be exhausting; part of the challenge is that children need freedom to grow but also reassurance that you will be there for them when they need it. By being:

  • Connected
  • Aware
  • Loving
  • Moment to Moment for
  • Me and My child

You can achieve a stronger, less stressful home environment for both you and your children!

If that sounds like a huge undertaking, know that local parents are already doing it. In fact, maybe you have already started to include some CALMM in your life without calling it that. Whether you are a beginner or not, boost the CALMM in your household by learning more about how it works.

Watch how several families in Perth and Huron create CALMM for their families in four different areas: relationships, sleep, food and play (physical activity).

Learn more about CALMM and related resources and support.

About the CALMM project

CALMM is a project of Kids First Huron Perth, a consortium of more than 60 local agencies and professionals committed to providing an integrated system of prenatal, healthy child development, early identification and intervention, and early learning and care services for children under the age of 13 and their families.

Kids First recognizes the financial and creative support of the Perth District Health Unit, the Huron County Health Unit, smallTALK and Healthy Kids Huron Perth in the development of this project.