Injuries are not accidents. Most injuries are due to circumstances that are both predictable and preventable.

Every year in Huron County there are over 800 injury related visits to the emergency room by children six years old and younger. A significant number of these injuries are due to falls.

The leading cause of injury in children 0-4 years of age is falls, poisoning and burns/scalds.

Keep your child protected at home by ensuring your home is safe and child-friendly.

If you have a question please call us at 519.482.3416 or toll-free at 1.877.837.6143. Ask to speak to a public health nurse on the Family Health team.

  • car-safety

    Car Seat Safety

    Protect your child by learning how to properly choose, install and use a car seat.

  • home-safety

    Home Safety

    Protect them when they play by making your home safe and secure.