Ontario School Nutrition Program-Huron Perth (OSNP-HP)

The Ontario School Nutrition Program-Huron Perth (OSNP-HP) formerly known as Huron and Perth Eat and Learn, coordinates funding for school breakfast, snack, and lunch programs. The program works with parents, students, and school staff to provide healthy food and help schools plan activities.

OSNP-HP provides healthy foods and ensures that vegetables or fruit are available at each meal or snack. Students take part in meal and snack programs for many reasons:

  • Rushed mornings
  • Early morning programs or activities
  • May not have enough food at home

OSNP-HP programs are open to all students. Families are asked to volunteer their time and, if they can afford to, contribute small donations. Check with your school to find out how you can support the program.

OSNP-HP relies on the community and volunteers for the success of each school’s program. The people who prepare and serve meals to students are often parents/caregivers, school staff, students, and community members. Their commitment, dedication, and support are important to the success of the programs.

If you are interested in starting or helping at an OSNP-HP program at your school, contact the Ontario Student Nutrition Program Community Co-ordinator.