Active Transportation

Active transportation means using your own body to get from place to place. This could involve walking, hiking, cycling, snowshoeing or canoeing. To create a healthy and safe place to live, work and play, it is important to have the environment around us supportive of these activities.

The Huron County Health Unit has worked with the Huron County Planning and Development Department to create an active transportation master plan for Huron County. This plan outlines a long term strategy to create environments that encourage Huron County residents to get moving more.

The Huron County Active Transportation Report: A Call to Action [PDF] was completed in spring 2014. It outlines key strategies to support County Council, lower-tier municipalities, organizations and individuals to promote active transportation throughout the county.

“What’s Your Here to There?” video series

Watch how Huron County residents use active transportation in our “What’s Your Here to There” videos!

NEW Winter Active Transportation Video

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