Wind turbine investigation

Please check this page for updates as they become available.

March 1, 2017

Community Information Meetings

The Huron County Health Unit will be holding information meetings for the purpose of explaining the investigation process as well as answering questions from the public.

Additional meeting dates will be announced through local media and on this webpage.

Registration records from wind turbine investigation that was put on hold April 2016

Registration for the wind turbine investigation that was put on hold in April 2016 is closed. The registrations that were received in the spring of 2016 will be stored on a secure County of Huron server until one of the following events occurs:

  1. The person who registered for the investigation contacts the Huron County Health Unit and requests that their information be deleted.
  2. The new community noise investigation begins. At that time, everyone who registered will be mailed an information letter and consent form.  Once the information letters and consent forms have been mailed, all registration records from the April 2016 investigation will be destroyed.

The Huron County Health Unit does not own the investigation registration records. Those records belong to the person who submitted the information. The information in the investigation registration records cannot be shared with any other organization without the written permission of the person who registered.

New Investigation titled Huron County Noise, Vibration, and Light Disturbance Investigation

The Huron County Health Unit will be investigating the concerns of some citizens regarding potential health effects of noise sources (including wind turbines), in keeping with our legislative duty to investigate potential population health hazards.

This investigation will only be open to Huron County residents who live within 10 km of a wind turbine.

We will not be contacting anyone or accepting registrations until we are ready to launch the investigation in early 2017.

Huron County residents who do not have internet access will be able to participate by calling the Huron County Health Unit at 1.877.837.6143 or 519.482.3416.

Steps to complete before launching the community noise investigation

  1. Survey development
  2. Ethics approval through University of Waterloo
  3. Media release announcing start of investigation

We are currently working on step two: ethics approval.

Survey tools developed

Three survey tools have been developed: a registration survey and two diaries.  Electronic and paper formats of the survey tools will be available.

Data collection will occur for one year to allow for seasonal analysis of complaints.

1. Registration Survey
The purpose of this survey is to gather information about the participant’s:

  1. Date of birth
  2. Gender
  3. Address
  4. House type
  5. House construction
  6. Status as a wind turbine lease holder
  7. Status as a recipient (or not) of money from a wind turbine company

2. Complaint Diary
The purpose of this diary is to document participants’ complaints. The following information will be collected:

  1. Date and time of the complaint
  2. Description of the complaint
  3. Impact on the participant

3. Absence Diary
The purpose of this electronic survey is to document when a participant is not at home. When doing the analysis, we will be assuming that if there is no complaint everything is fine. The information on this survey will allow us to distinguish between those who do not have a complaint and those who are not at home. The following information will be collected:

  1. Date and time participant leaves home
  2. Date and time participant returns home