Other Reports

On this page you will find information on specific topics related to health in Huron County. If you need Huron County statistics or information for funding proposals, we may be able to help.

2014 Baseline Tick Survey

Cancer in Huron County 2000-2009 [PDF]

Positive Parenting Situational Assessment: Executive Summary [PDF]

Ontario Cancer Profiles is a self-serve, interactive tool created by Cancer Care Ontario to provide access to Ontario cancer statistics. It provides instant access to recent, customizable provincial and regional statistics on select cancer burden, risk factor and screening indicators.  The smallest level of geography available is the South West Local Health Integration Network (LHIN).  You need to click Yes I accept the Terms and Conditions to view the Ontario Cancer Profiles.

real cost of eating well in huron county

An overview of the cost of health eating when on limited income in Huron County.

The Real Cost of Eating Well in Huron County 2016 (PDF)

The Real Cost of Eating Well in Huron County 2013 (PDF)

The Real Cost of Eating Well in Huron County 2012 (PDF)

Information on the health status of people in Huron County is also available from myPerthHuron, Public Health Ontario SnapshotsSocial Research and Planning Council of Perth-Huron, and Statistics Canada.

Discovering the well-being of our communities

myPerthHuron is an online resource that tracks the wellbeing of our communities using the Canadian Index of Wellbeing.  This is a useful website to explore if you are looking for information specific to Huron County, Perth County, Stratford, and St. Marys.  Information is organized according to the Canadian Index of Wellbeing domains: Community Vitality, Democratic Engagement, Education, the Environment, Healthy Populations, Leisure and Culture, Living Standards and Time Use.


Public Health Ontario Snapshots is an interactive website that allows you to make comparisons using a data table, line graph, bar graph, and map of Ontario. If you need assistance learning how to use this website, please contact the Huron County Health Unit epidemiologist at 519-482-3416.  Snapshot topics include:

  • Chronic Diseases
    • Cancer incidence (people diagnosed with cancer)
    • Cancer mortality (deaths)
    • Chronic disease hospitalization
    • Chronic disease mortality
    • Potential years of life lost
    • Self-reported chronic health problems
  • Injuries
    • Emergency department visits for injuries
    • Hospitalization for injuries
    • Mortality from injuries (deaths)
    • Emergency department visits for neurotrauma (head and spine injuries)
    • Hospitalization for neurotrauma (head and spine injuries)
  • Health Behaviours
    • Self-reported nutrition and health weights
    • Oral health
    • Physical activity
  • Health Equity
    • Alcohol-attributable hospitalizations health inequities
    • Avoidable mortality health inequities
    • Low birth weight health inequities
    • Mental health emergency department visits health inequities
  • Reproductive and Child Health
    • Healthy child development
    • Maternal health
    • Reproductive health
  • Substance Use
    • Alcohol use
    • Smoking


The Social Research and Planning Council (SRPC) is comprised of community representatives (include Huron County Health Unit staff) who are dedicated to the collection, analysis and distribution of information relating to social trends and issues in Perth and Huron County. Reports published by the SRPC include:


Statistics Canada produces statistics that help Canadians better understand their country—its population, resources, economy, society and culture.  In addition to conducting a Census every five years, there are about 350 active surveys on virtually all aspects of Canadian life.  Data products with information specific to Huron County are the:

If there is health information you need that is not on this website please contact the Huron County Health Unit epidemiologist at 519-482-3416 to find out if the information is available.